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I don't post much publicly.
If you know me, feel free to drop me a line...
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I trimmed down to get rid of abandoned and seemingly-abandoned journals. Also to get rid of redundancies if you post the same thing to another network... You can always let me know if you miss me.
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I'm making my other entries locked, as usual.
For more about Pete, see http://www.peteoverton.com
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Okay, I'll take some time to stop and post a little bit about the week. As I said before, there were pros and cons to every moment out there, but to one thing, there was just hard work and wondrous reward.

Our khussamobiles were the most successful project we did this year, hands down. They looked fantastic, day or night. They were much loved and brought us a lot of positive interaction with everyone on the playa, including the DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles), who are notorious for being strict about their licensing criteria.

As soon as we were done with our dome construction, Luke and George bolted the frames onto the go-karts, and we began the process of whip-stitching the covers to the frames. I had sewn the pieces together (with massive help with the basting from many people), so Vanessa and Mickey did the stitching. We woke up Tuesday morning and finished a few seams and drove them to the DMV as a group.

We received high praise from the licensing crew, and even got a few cold beers while we were out there waiting to be inspected. Since the karts were so basic, they only required a cursory glance before they were licensed, and they even gave us the same license number, appending 'L' and 'R' to distinguish right from left.

We drove them all around, and even played a new game "Sholo!" (Polo with shoes instead of ponies!) I do have video of that, but it needs to be edited down as it runs long and is a bit slow-paced at the moment.

We're waiting for pictures to show up on the internet, and I'm scouring Flickr for them, but so far, Marc got the best pictures of the cars, both day and night.

A few photos. )


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